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After Sail Saturday!

09 SEP 2016 14:59
  • Skapad: 09 SEP 2016 14:59

Dearest parents of sailing children,

 Remember what it was like having a rich social life?
Remember when every weekend was full of wining and dining until the small hours?

Remember when Sunday morning was reserved for sleep-ins, coffee and croissants?

 Well stop reminiscing and look no further!

 This Saturday it’s time to whip out the party shorts (the ones without the stain/holes etc), grab the windbreaker and come on down to LSS clubhouse for an After Sail hamburger and glass of wine.

 That’s right, after a day of sun and sea it’s just not right having to go home to watch Postkodmiljonären without something in your tummy, something you don’t have to cook yourself!

 Forget Koka. Forget Tosu. Forget Upper House…

 LSS is the place to be this Saturday evening after the regatta – around 17:00 till late (well, until it’s time to go home and take care of all the wet stuff, clean up the thermos, prepare food for Sunday and then get to bed ‘cause it’s an early start on Sunday!).

 Bring your friends, bring your neighbours, bring the parents from other clubs as they too are welcome! But most of all, bring your wallet – we’re attaching a 100kr per head (1xhamburger, 1xwine/beer) to make this jamboree appear to be a fundraising opportunity and not the soul restorative therapy session that we all know it is.

 We need to know which car/van/truck to take to Systembolaget so please reply to this mail with a YES and how many you’ll be ASAP.

See you at LSS on Saturday!

Karin & Petra.

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